Baby Hazel Skin Trouble

Game description
Baby Hazel Skin Trouble

Baby Hazel’s needy hours have come again and this time darling Hazel is suffering from red colored rashes all over her skin. Hazel has got skin trouble! In such a condition, she needs someone to look after her needs and treat her with lots of affection and care. Mom calls up doctor for her princess daughter. Follow doctor’s advice and treat Baby hazel with given prescriptions for speedy recovery from the disease. Can you those small blisters on cutie Hazel’s face. For next few days Hazel can’t have normal life and can’t even touch things she loved till she gets rid of skin trouble. Her mom leaves no stone unturned while offering all the better thing s for her sweetie. It’s really tough time for Hazel to go through this phase as she can’t even play with little brother. She needs you at this moment. Be with her and offer her care and love till she gets well soon.


Level 1: It is morning time. Little angel, Baby Hazel is busy completing her morning routine. Can you see those red rashes on her face? What are those? let us call Mom to find out what it is. Hope all is well with our darling Baby Hazel.


Level 2: Mom and Baby Hazel are in bedroom. Little Hazel has started feeling uneasy so she needs to rest for some time. be there with Hazel as she may need you around till her mom asks doctor to come home.


Level 3: Their family doctor is going to visit to check her up. Be with our little angel during these needy hours and take care of her. Pay attention to doctor’s advice and follow them carefully so that Baby Hazel feels better and recovers as soon as possible.


Level 4: Now it’s time for Baby Hazel to bath. Help mom convince Hazel to take bath and get ready. Be around little girl and ensure that she doesn’t get in contact with anyone as the disease in contagious.