Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble

Game description
Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble

Today is a mischief making day for Baby Hazel and her little brother, baby Matt. As Mom and Dad are out to attend a party, they have arranged a care taker to look after their kids. So, be with the little kids and help nanny to look after them. As parents are not at home, Baby Hazel and Baby Matt are troubling nanny by playing mischief with her. Be with Hazel and enjoy mischief making time to the fullest before her parents arrive at home.Help Hazel top keep Nanny occupied in cleaning the mess and caring Baby Matt so that Nanny neither gets time to nap nor to attend personal phone calls.


Level 1: Today, Baby Hazel and Baby Matt are with their Nanny. It seems that Nanny likes either to rest or to nap most of the time. So, you need to care of baby Hazel and Baby Matt by fulfilling their needs. Also help Hazel to keep their nanny awake so that she attends her little brother whenever he needs.


Level 2: It is mid morning. Baby Hazel and Baby Matt are with Nanny in the living room. Be with them and look after little ones by fulfilling their needs. Help Baby Hazel to keep Nanny busy in care taking so that she does not spend much time on personal phone calls.


Level 3: After having their lunch, kids are busy playing in playroom so their Nanny is a bit relaxed. Nanny needs some personal time to look after herself, however Baby Hazel is in no mood to leave her unoccupied. Keep Baby Hazel and Baby Matt happy by playing different toys and games.


Level 4: Hazel and Matt are waiting for their parents. Mom has called up Nanny and said she will reach late. So it is on the Nanny to put the little ones to bed before their parents arrive. Comfort Baby Hazel and Baby Matt to go to bet before Mom arrives. Oh yes, Baby Hazel is still in a mood to trouble her Nanny. Make Baby Hazel happy by helping her to do mischief with Nanny up to her heart content. Enjoy never ending mischief time.