Baby Hazel Parrot Care

Game description
Baby Hazel Parrot Care

Baby Hazel wanted to keep a pet bird in her home, so Baby Hazel’s uncle gifted her a parrot. Bruno, the pet puppy is jealous of Charlie, the parrot, as he sees Hazel paying more attention to him. So Bruno and Charlie keep frightening each other. Charlie got hurt when he had a petty fight with Bruno. He needs urgent treatment for the wound. Help Baby Hazel to treat Charlie for his wound. When he is cured, fill confidence in him to fly high again. Later pamper him by giving a birdie bath. Happy Birdie Day with Baby Hazel and Charlie!


Level 1: Wow, one more pet at Hazel’s home. Charlie, the parrot has joined Baby Hazel’s pet’s family. Oh no, there is a tiff between Bruno and Charlie. Charlie is too delicate to give a tough fight. He got hurt while frightening Bruno. Be with Baby Hazel and help her to give first aid to Charlie as soon as possible.


Level 2: It is next day morning. Baby Hazel is up and done with her morning routine. Oh, did she forget to check Charlie’s well being? I don’t think so. Go along with Baby Hazel to check if all is well with Charlie and try to build confidence in him to fly high again as he used to do earlier.


Level 3: Hazel and Charlie are in the terrace garden. Oh yes, Mom is also there with Bruno grooming him. Be with Baby Hazel and make sure Charlie is safe even if the pets fall in to petty fights.


Level 4: Little princess Baby Hazel wants to bath her pet bird, Charlie. As she is too young to do it all on her own, can you help her in cleaning the little bird? Keep Baby Hazel by helping her bath Charlie so that she can start playing with him once again.