Baby Hazel Learns Manners

Game description
Baby Hazel Learns Manners

For any child, her home is the first school! It is with Hazel too, so Baby Hazel is learning good manners from her friends and family. As she is grown up her mom thinks that Baby Hazel should be aware of all the norms concerned with social life. Are you interested in helping Hazel to be a well behaved kid? As a first thing, help her to inculcate healthy habits to keep oneself fit by physical activities. Then during breakfast time, teach her essential kitchen safety tips. Later teach good manners to Baby Hazel through a fun filled play date. Call a friend home to play and dine so that she can build social skills and good manners towards friends and adults. Her mom begins with physical exercise to keep her chubby baby fit. Later she wants Hazel to know about kitchen manners. Hazel should also build up social manners with different aged group people. Help darling Hazel know all about these decorum for being responsible person.


Level 1: Mom is up and ready to do fitness regime. Where is Baby Hazel? Is she still sleeping? Wake up our chubby princess so that she can join Mom in the fitness regime. Go ahead and join Baby Hazel in her morning workouts.


Level 2: It was fun exercising with Mom and Hazel. Now it is time to eat a nutritious breakfast. Help Mom in preparing morning breakfast. Also make sure to help Baby Hazel to learn kitchen manners and safety tips that are required for a healthy living.


Level 3: Mom has invited Baby Kayla home for a playdate. She has prepared lunch for all and waiting for them. Help Baby Hazel to behave well with Uncle John and Baby Kayla so that the guests are kept happy during their lunch hours.


Level 4: Uncle John and Baby Kaya have enjoyed their meal. Now it is time for kids to play. Help them to have their best time playing together. Help them learn to share toys and play together.