Baby Hazel Laundry Time

Game description
Baby Hazel Laundry Time

It is laundry time! Today Darling Baby Hazel is going to learn how to wash and dry the clothes. As she is too young to do all this on her own, can you help her in this learning process? First of all Hazel needs help to separate colored and white clothes. then she needs to learn to set up the washing machine to wash clothes and dryer to dry the laundry. Finally she needs to iron the washed clothes and set them in the wardrobe. Happy laundry time with Baby Hazel.

Level 1: Hazel is busy playing with Katy in the garden. Oh, did she notice that sky? It may rain in some time. Be with Baby Hazel and Katy to look after their needs. Make sure they won’t get in to trouble in the rains.

Level 2: It is so kind of Hazel’s mom to be calm even when her daughter has spoiled all white clothes. So it is high time for Hazel to know washing tips. Be with Hazel when Mom teaches her how to wash laundry. Look after her needs and fulfill her demands on time so that Mom appreciates her quick learning skills.

Level 3: Hazel is done with washing and drying. Next step is to iron the clothes and set them in wardrobe. But our little princess is too young for ironing as she may burn herself accidentally. So can you help Mom to iron the clothes? Also make sure Hazel folds and sets the clothes neatly in her wardrobe so that Mom appreciates her princess for everything she has done.