Baby Hazel Hand Fracture

Game description
Baby Hazel Hand Fracture

Baby Hazel has slipped and fractured her right hand while climbing up a table! She needs urgent medical attention. Go along with her to the doctor to get the plaster done. As she cannot move her hand, you need to fulfill her basic needs such as bathing and feeding. Make sure that our little princess is well cared for, so that healing happens as quickly as possible.

Level 1: It seems today ain’t a good day for Baby Hazel. She could not keep her balance on the table and fell down hurting her hand badly. Can you rush her to the doctor along with her mom? Let us hope her hand is not fractured!

Level 2: The Orthopedist has confirmed that Hazel has fractured her elbow. But she is not willing to take medical aid as she is in pain. Can you convince her to get her fractured elbow plastered and take the medicines?

Follow the doctor’s instructions for speedy recovery:
1. Keep the plaster cast dry while having shower.
2. Frequent exercise of fingers is mandatory.
3. Having a plaster cast on hand can be itchy but do not insert anything inside it for itching the hand.
4. Don’t put any lotions, creams or powder inside the plaster or around the edges.
5. Don’t try cutting or removing plaster at home.
6. You have to wear this plaster cast for 3 to 4 weeks or longer.

Level 3: Hazel is unable to have a sound sleep as she cannot lie down in a comfortable position with a fractured hand. Can you help her to freshen up and also having her meals?

Level 4: It is almost 3 weeks. Can you take our princess to the orthopedist to check if the fracture has really healed?