Baby Hazel Granny House

Game description
Baby Hazel Granny House

It is vacation time and baby Hazel is so excited about her visit to granny’s house. Today, Hazel and her grandma are travelling by train to their village. So, here you get a chance to go with them to granny’s house and experience the countryside life. Be with Hazel and enjoy homemade food and then go shopping to the countryside market. Finally help Grandfather in the gardening chores. Make sure Baby hazel is well behaved in Granny’s house so that Granny feels proud of her granddaughter. Be with darling Hazel and explore her granny’s house and nearby areas.


Level 1 : Baby Hazel and granny are traveling to their village. Be with our little angel throughout her journey and look after her needs. Keep Hazel and Granny happy by fulfilling their needs on time.


Level 2: Baby Hazel an Granny have reached their countryside mansion. Yum… It looks like Granny has kept delicious food ready for Baby Hazel. Make Baby Hazel and Granny happy by serving them homemade meal. Wow! Granny has preserved some old age items for her granddaughter. Play and find out what they are.


Level 3: After a warm cordial noon in Granny’s house, hazel and Granny have come to the market. Go along with Hazel and Granny to the market to get the feel of the shops in the village. Fulfill Hazel and Granny’s demands on time by giving them whatever they ask for. Make sure Hazel is well behaved so that Granny feels proud of her granddaughter.


Level 4: It is evening time and grandfather is busy in gardening. Help darling Hazel to enjoy some time with Grandpa in the garden by assisting him in completing gardening activities.