Baby Hazel First Rain

Game description
Baby Hazel First Rain

Watch as baby Hazel has a magical moment when she experiences rain for the very first time. Lets enjoy Baby Hazel’s first rain with her friend and Bunny. Calm her down as she gets frightened with the thunders and rain. Help them to enjoy thoroughly in rain. Let’s meet Hazel’s new friends at the garden who enjoys the rains with her. Let’s play to see how mischievous Hazel and her friends can be at the garden. Help them to enjoy every moment. Baby Kayden can’t get enough of feeling that crazy water falling from the sky for the first time. Be ready to explore Hazel’s first rain.

Level 1: Baby Hazel and Honey Bunny are playing in the front entrance. Do you want to be part of their merry moments? Oh, sky is turning cloudy. Is it going to rain? Be with the little one and see what happens next.

Level 2: Little princess wants to get ready to go out in the rains. Dress her up in the rainy costumes and accessories so that she can play in rains comfortably along with her friend.

Level 3: It is raining and the little kids Baby Hazel and Baby Grace are out to the garden to play. Go along with them to the garden and enjoy the first rain showers. Oh, Honey Bunny is also with them. Take care of little ones and their pet by fulfilling their needs so that they enjoy first rain to the fullest.

Level 4: Hazel had best of her time and enjoyed her first ever rains with her friends. She is drenched with water and mud. Give her a shower to wash her from the mud and dress her up in fresh and dry clothes.