Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance

Game description
Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance

Baby Hazel’s mom has enrolled her to Ballerina Dance Class, so today is her first day at the dance class. As baby Hazel is nervous about learning dance, can you be with her as a friend and motivate her to learn dancing? First of all give her a bath in a tub full of Ballerina toys and then dress her up in Ballerina costumes and accessories. Finally take her to the dance class and help her to learn new dance steps with confidence.

Level 1: Baby Hazel needs to get ready to go her dance class, so let us start by giving her a bath. Good news is that Mom has bought so many Ballerina bath toys and gifts for Hazel. Let us bath Hazel in the bath tub full of Ballerina toys and find out what surprise gift Mom has for her.

Level 2: Hazel is happy to receive lovely surprise gifts from mom. Now it is time for our princess to take a shower. Give Hazel a refreshing bath along with a hair wash before it is late for the dance class.

Level 3: Baby Hazel is feeling fresh after bath. now she has to get ready for her ballerina dance class. Dress her up in beautiful costumes and give matching accessories to wear. Keep Hazel happy and motivated.